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I’m an artist and climber whose aim is to give retired climbing rope a second life. An average rope lasts 3 to 5 years and then is discarded for safety reasons. I see these ropes as a medium to create stunning pieces of functional and decorative art. These works preserve the emotional power of the rope and what it represents – the life-saving link between two climbers. They also represent my interest in environmental causes, preserving the ropes for centuries to come and keeping them out of the landfill as well. The process is made even more fulfilling by choosing complex projects that constantly push the boundaries of what has come before.


​ Fascinated by the interplay between beauty and functionality, my work has developed into more than what it started out as - which was a sentimental token. With a belief that our world is too interested in what's next to appreciate the moment of now, I hope people will see my work (chairs most specifically) as a place to rest the physical body and mind. After a quick moment of rest, I hope that the participant will engage more intimately with the work.  

A Little Documentary can be found HERE.

Drone footage of my outdoor living room 


give your old rope a

second ascent

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