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Sept. 22nd 2020

Is the full title... to go along with the modified titles of "As Intended - Too Stiff" and "Balanced Chaos - Too Lumpy"

Several references here, obviously the 3 Little Bears. Ie. The perfect chair at least as far a comfort goes. It also references a previous series Mama, Papa & Baby Bear. 

The Primary Title is related to the myth of genius. The fact that everything comes from something, true originality never existed. My biggest driver for this piece as with most of my work is a process of skill development.  I also had multiple references for this piece and most of its originality comes from what the medium forces me to do not some level of mythical genius.

Finally its the most overused Adjective for art that you like... please art people pick up a thesaurus once in a while. 

33"H x 23"W x 44"L



Everything's Derivative
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